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FEMA Lardo Colonnata

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Lardo di Colonatta is a cured meat of protected geographical indication (PGI), typical of the homonymous village in the Apuan Alps, in the municipality of Carrara. Lardo di Colonatta is made with pork lard seasoned in basins of Carrara marble.

Lardo di Colonatta has a moist appearance, is slightly pinkish-white in colour and has a soft and smooth texture. It has a fragrant aroma as well as a delicate, fresh, almost sweet flavour that is slightly savoury when taken from the rump area; it is also enriched by the herbs and spices used in its processing.

It is ideally served just as it is, cut into thin slices. In the past it was considered a simple dressing or the "poor" sandwich filling for marble quarry workers. Given its high amount of nutrients, the inhabitants of Colonnata often refer to this food as "the strength of the quarrymen". With the passing of time, it has been reappraised and now it can be enjoyed as a dish in itself or even in unusual combinations, such as with shellfish.